How To Delete Shortcuts Virus From PC

Sometimes while working on a computer we face situations that whatever the files and folders we created in our system they turn into some shortcuts. here we would guide you How To Delete Shortcuts Virus From PC.

When you insert any Pendrive, flash drives into pc for transferring the data you will get that there are some shortcuts. The data is not present here still they consume space and memory of your PC.
Actually, these shortcuts are due to the to“Trojan virus” which is a type of “autorun.inf” and it uses the autorun of a computer. Its name Trojan virus because it gets affected under the nose of the antivirus, it takes place itself in the whole computer processes which can be stopped and it attaches to each and every file be it on the pc or flash drives.

Simple steps to delete shortcut in your PC

Tips 1:

  • Open the C drive of your system.
  • Go to Windows and then system 32


ex: C:\Windows\System32

  • Search for the wscript.ece file and deleted it permanently.
    By doing this you will notice there will be no any more shortcuts and virus in your system.

Tips 2:

Plug in infected Pendrive/Harddisk with your computer.

  • Open the command prompt of your system.
  • Enter the locations of your pen drive.
  • Now write this command given below.

attrib -s -h /s /d *.* and hit the Enter Button.

You will see your pen drive here you will found an empty folder, in this folder all Your files and data are saved.
Hope that these tips are very useful for you, for more such tips and tricks visits on



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