Disadvantages of Iphones


Whenever we think of buying a smartphone one brand comes to our mind, that is apple. iPhones are the the phones that most of us want to have but just like other phones iPhones also have some disadvantages. iPhones are expensive and we want you to spend your money wisely. If you are planning to buy an iPhone then you must look at the disadvantages of iPhones as well.


In the following article we are going to talk about the disadvantages of iPhones.

Paid apps

Many of the good  apps on the app store are paid and some of those are very much needed in your phone so you will have to pay for that.

Sim card support

iPhones only support micro sim cards, the normal ones does not fit in it. Not all the phones requires a micro sim card so if If you keep on changing your phone then iPhones are made for you.

File transfer

There is no file transfer possible over Bluetooth or mass storage mode. You cannot share any kind of file or data without internet access. Every time you want to share something you can do it with internet access only.

No shutter key

There is no hardware shutter key for camera on the iPhones. Camera of the iphones is one of the biggest advantages that one can have by owning one but you don’t get a shutter key. This is one no to serious disadvantage.

No expandable storage

The iPhones comes in different storage variants but due to their budget people often opt for lower variant with lesser storage. This is one serious problem that iPhone users face but cannot do anything about it.

Very expensive

The iPhones are more like a status symbol these days. iPhones are very expensive and you can get a lot of phones with much better configuration for the same price.

In the above article we talked about the disadvantages of the iPhones. there are a few disadvantages of the iPhones and there are advantages as well. Hope our article will help you taking a better decision. Do not forget to like, comment  and share.

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