How To Root Your Phone Without Losing Any Data

In the following article we are going to tell you How To Root Your Phone Without Losing Any Data. These days many people want to root their phone to attain full access to Linux. These are the well known technologies now a day. But before rooting your device remember that the warranty of your mobile will be lost forever. Rooting is never recommended by Google as rooting provides direct

access to Linux shell as well as kernel. They are very harmful to your mobile phone. Any virus can directly do commands on your Linux shell. So let’s start with the steps to root a mobile in just a few steps without losing any data.

You can follow these steps to know How To Root Your Phone Without Losing Any Data.

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Step 1

Download KingRoot app and install in your phone.

Step 2

After installing KingRoot open it.

Step 3 

After KingRoot is opened click Skip button.

Step 4

After that click on Root Button. Now it will start rooting your device.

Step 5

If it would have the Root version for your mobile it would install it or give you an error message. It would take up to half an hour.

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Step 6

After your phone is rooted it would remain as it is and now you can use all the root needed apps.

Points to remember :

1. If any step is missed your mobile phone may get into trouble and you too.
2. After rooting your mobile’s warranty will get expired.
3. Rooting is not recommended by google or approved by google.

Rooting is a good process but it is not good for your mobile because by this process your phone may get damaged and your warranty of your android mobile will be expired because you are doing wrong with your mobile so the mobile company won’t take any warranty if you have rooted your mobile because it is not a process which is recommended by google or approved by google. By rooting your mobile may get slower and catch viruses easily and get damaged easily because it gives a direct access to the command shell so any virus can harm your mobile phone easily by rooting your mobile files may get corrupted and you would suffer.

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In the above article we tried to make you understand How To Root Your Phone Without Losing Any Data. Hope you would like reading this article and it would be helpful. please do like, comment and share.

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