How to create wi-fi Hotspot by Laptop for Windows

Wifi hotspot is a process, where you connect other smartphones or laptop through WiFi. The main connection would be of that Smartphone or laptop which has running existing internet. In this blog we would teach you how to create wi-fi Hotspot by Laptop for Windows.

How to create wi-fi Hotspot by Laptop for Windows


  • Download Connectify and install it. The installation is pretty straightforward and when installation is complete, restarts your computer.
  • After restarting the computer, check whether it is connected to the Internet. If it is, run the Connectify Hotspot app.
  • You'll see two tabs in the app – Settings and Clients. In the Settings tab, under "Create a…" click Wi-Fi Hotspot.
  • Under Internet to Share, you'll see a drop-down menu. Expand it and select the connection you want to share. We tested this app with a wired and a wireless connection and found that it worked perfectly with both.
  • Under that, you'll see some more options. Add a Wi-Fi password. Click Start Hotspot.


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