How to invite all your friends at once to Like a page


Most of us have a Facebook page and we always wish to increase the likes of the page. First thing which we do is to invite our own friends. Now at times you have more than 500 or 1000 friends and to invite them one by
one is actually very painful and time consuming. Not any more, in this blog I would teach you how you can Invite all your friends in just one go, you just need to simpy follow the following steps:

  1. Open on Google Chrome browser
  2. Now Open your Page (for example :
  3. Now click on three small dots just right to message. (Make sure you are admin of the page)
  4. Now Click on invite Friends
  5. A pop up, within the page containing your friends name would appear. Now earlier you need to select friends one by one and invite.
  6. Now press  Control + Shift + J
  7. A developer console would open.
  8. Simply copy the below mentioned script as it is:


javascript:var inputs = document.getElementsByClassName('uiButton _1sm'); for(var i=0; i<inputs.length;i++) { inputs[i].click(); }


Control + V  (simply paste it there, do not click anywhere). Once copy the script from here, you just need to do Control + Shift + j   and after thet Control V (paste)  and lastly enter.

Just wait for 30 seconds (maximum), you would see that automatically everyone from your friend list has been invited.

Facebook is constantly removing these flaws and it would be removed for sure, but till date this script is working fine.

Feel free to comment, share and suggest for feedback.

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