Few Google chrome shortcuts which would make life easier

Few Google chrome shortcuts which would make life easier

Lets admit it, whatever Internet browser we use, most of us are very much comfortable with Google chrome browser. Reasons are many, speed, fast, reliability etc. We use Google chrome almost on a daily basis, and hence I
am writing a blog to make you understand, that there are some Shortcut and keys, which activates a command and save your energy instead using using mouse buttons or pointers, you can use the keyboard options. Below are some very essential one's which you should know:

For Opening a new window

Ctrl + T (for windows)  and  Command + T (for MAC)

For Re-opening just closed tabs

Ctrl + Shift + T (for windows)  and  Command + Shift + T (for MAC)

For Opening a untraceable / Incognito Window

Ctrl + Shift + N (for windows) and  Command + Shift + N (for MAC)

For going direct to Downloads page

Ctrl + J (for windows) and Command + Shift + J (for MAC)

For directly going to address bar

Alt + D OR Ctrl + L (for windows)and Command + L (for MAC)

For saving current page as Bookmark

Ctrl + D (for windows)  and  Command +  D (for MAC)

For going to History page directly

Ctrl + H (for windows)  and  Command +  Y (for MAC)


I very well know that there are 1000 more such commands available for Google chrome. But the above mentioned are the basic one's that are essential to know, if you really wish to work fast and effectively.

My other blogs would for sure cover more shortcuts. Hope you like reading it, do comment and feel free to share. Feedbacks are most welcomed.

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