Use Gmail accounts just with keyboard shortcuts

Life is getting faster day by day, and in order to compete we need to learn loads of shortcuts which not only are effective but time saving too. And working with all the shortcut keys, makes you feel like a geek as well. So below is the list of
some keyboard shortcuts, which are really awesome actually.

Highlighted one are the commands (Shortcut Keys):


  1. Just press  F  if you want to forward some mail to someone.
  2. Press  Shift+I , it would mark email messages as read.
  3. Press  Shift+U , it would mark email messages as unread.
  4. Press R ,  it would reply to the sender of the email.
  5. Press  it would reply to the all email recipients marked in the mail.
  6. Press  Ctrl+C  , it would save current email as draft.
  7. Press  Z , it would undo any previous action taken.
  8. Press  ,  it would display the keyboard shortcut help keys.
  9. PressC ,  It would open compose a new email.
  10. Press  , it would move your cursor in search box.
  11. Press  U , It would refresh your account to receve new emails.
  12. Press  ! ,  this would mark that email to spam.
  13. Press p ,  It would move the cursor to the previous page.
  14. Press it would display more options.
  15. Press  Esc It would escape cursor from the current field.

Hope you would enjoy these tricks. If you really like them, do comment and share.

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