How to post your name after Time in Windows

How to post your name after Time in Windows

In computer, at the right hand side you can see time in the format you have chosen it to be. Very few of us know that we can put our name in the place of AM and PM. Just follow the step by step guidance and you could also put your name in space of AM and PM. It is very easy to understand and would hardly take your few minutes. Learn How to post your name after Time in Windows.

How to post your name after Time in Windows



Click on the time on the right hand down, a calendar type menu would appear.



Now click on Change date and time setting, which is below the calendar, and Date and Time menu would appear.



Now Click on Change date and time. Make sure you have the Admin rights of your PC / Laptop, because at this step it might ask the Admin rights from you.

After Clicking Change date and time



Now click on Change calendar setting.



Now in customize format, click on time (third option) and now on in space of AM and PM Symbol, where AM and PM is written, delete it and write your name, as in my case I have written Shayaan and then click Apply and OK.

Now check on right hand side, where time is being displayed, your name would appear.


Its easy and simply, share it and impress others. Feel freeto comment and to share.

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