How to protect your identity online

How to protect your identity online

One of the most serious issues of today's world is phishing. We always see a Spam as a non serious issue which can gradually turn into a serious issue by putting you at the risk of Identity theft thus jeopardizing your goodwill and your hard-earned money. In this blog we would tell you How to protect your identity online.

How to protect your identity online

Phishing is a medium used by fraudsters to extract your personal information and this can be used for identity theft which will rip of your very own existence. Here are some valuable tips in order to protect you from phishing Keep an eye open against Phishing

  • It come from unrecognized medium.
  • They ask for your personal information and even financial information over the internet


Always Try to Communicate personal information via phone or secure websites online


  • While doing online transaction always make sure that the site is secured like, https:// URL hereby the  stands for a secure rather than a http://.
  • Do not pass on your personal information over phone. Be cautious of mails that insist you to call on a particular number to update your personal and banking account detail


Never click on links ,download or open attachments in mails from unknown senders


  • One should be extra cautious about such mails because by doing the above said activities a fraudster can easily get access to your details
  • Beware of pop ups
  • Never enter personal information in a pop up screen
  • Do not click on pop up links
  • Do not copy web address from pop up


Protect your computer with firewall antivirus and anti spyware software


  • Kindly ensure that you uses up dated softwares and regularly keep a tab on to ensure that they blocks virus and spyware

  • Beware of links in emails that ask for personal information

  • Never respond to any such mails even they look familiar to any organization or person in your contacts because phishing sites can easily imitate the look of a lawful site
  • Check your online accounts and bank statement regularly to make sure that no unauthorized transactions has been taken place
  • Check your online accounts and bank statements regularly to ensure that no unauthorised transactions has been taken place.One should be more vigilant and should never impart any personal details of yours because anytime you can be caught up in the clutches of an online scam which can leave you helpless and even penny less.


Follow the given instructions if you really wish to protect your identity online. Feel free to ask anything or to comment.

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