How to Remove Annoying Blue Ticks in WhatsApp

When some one share something, be it text or image or even video, and if you recieve it on your whatsapp, two blue ticks appears on the sender screen. The Blue tick means that the file/text/image/video you have shared has been seen by the person. But at times, we wish to hide this thing, even we have seen this. In this blog we would teach you How to Remove Annoying Blue Ticks in WhatsApp.

How to Remove Annoying Blue Ticks in WhatsApp

We do not wish to let the user know that we have seen it or not. So to get rid of blue tick in whatsapp follow the following steps:


Step 1

Download the latest (version 2.11.444) WhatsApp apk from the official website.


Step 2

On your Android phone, go to Settings > Security > Check Unknown sources, to enable installing apps from outside Google Play. Note that the exact path to the setting can vary depending on your device manufacturer and Android version – the important thing to note is that you enable installing apps from unknown sources.


Step 3

Open the apk on your Android phone. This will install the latest version of the app on your device.


Step 4

Open WhatsApp and tap three vertical dots icon on the top right.


Step 5

Now go to Settings > Account > Privacy.


Step 6

Uncheck Read receipts.


Hope this may help you a lot. If you think this was helpful to you please donot hestitate to like and write your comment.

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