How to take Screen capture or print screen

How to take Screen capture or print screen

This is a very basic requirement for a person who uses computers daily. Taking print screen or screen shot is a very common thing these days. Print screen or screen capture means taking entire screen capture in one image file. Steps are very easy, you just need to follow them.

Follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Open the page or website or anything on computer whom or where you wish to take screen capture.

2. Now press Print Screen PrntScr on the key board.

3. Open Paint from the start menu.

4. Ctrl + V or Simply paste or right click on from menu use paste.

5. Now save it in whatever extension you wish to save. You Screen shot has been captured.

6. In Paint menu you can also use the Crop command to delete unneccessery stuff which are not required in the screen shots. (example: other open tabs etc.)

Hope this works for you.

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