How To Use / Install WhatsApp on Nokia-XL

If you are one of the buyers of Nokia's new phone in its android series- NOKIA XL (RM-1030), you surely must have been left with scratching your head when you found that this phone does not support the latest version of the popular messaging app WhatsApp!!! Your heart must have skipped a beat too. In this blog we would teach you How To Use / Install WhatsApp on Nokia-XL.

But all is not that disastrous and little less cursing the entire Nokia firm will help lower you blood pressure as well. After all the company has been producing some amazingly tough phones for years!

So now, here is how it goes. WhatsApp version 2.11.238 works on the phone. It is the older version of WhatsApp, the one used before 9th June 2014.


How To Use/ Install WhatsApp on Nokia-XL


Follow the given steps:-

  • Pick up your NOKIA XL and open the third party app store (it is usually 1 mobile market that comes installed with the device). Search for WhatsApp app and install it.
  • It is important to have a look at the version available, if it is 2.11.238. Good, immediately install it. If it the newer version skip to step 5.
  • After the installation, go to the phone homescreen ( if you are using the android launcher like GO launcher) or home tiles section and open WhatsApp. It will show this device is not supported warning.


DONT WORRY!!! Here is the trick


  • If you are using the launcher, you can access WhatsApp through Fastlane.
  • Make sure notifications for WhatsApp are allowed in Fastlane settings.
  • And if you are using another launcher like GO launcher then go to widgets section and find a widget for WhatsApp. Put it to any of your home screens. And now instead of the WhatsApp icon, you can access WhatsApp through its widget. No hassles!!
  • If by any chance you cannot find WhatsApp app on the third party store or only find a newer version. Go to your phones APP MANAGER, search for WhatsApp .apk file and install it. App version is indicated too. Look for the APK file of version


Rest is just follow above mentioned steps.Happy tricking!!

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