Know About Energy Zappers And How To Beam Them

Know About Energy Zappers And How To Beam Them

We need energy to accomplish anything in life. when we are in bad mood all are our productivity decreases its usually because we are low in energy it often that we while away are days by doing practically nothing and feeling busy and stressed and then by the end of the day, we are so tired we zone out in front of the television or internet until we are ready to drift of the sleep.

If any of this sound familiar to you it’s possible that you are the victims of time and energy drinks, things in your life that drain away energy and your time without you really thinking of it. Eliminates those drains and you will find yourself much more productive, much more energetic and much happier.

Know About Energy Drainer

Lack of Sleep

Sleep is a time of repairing and restoring and it is the true source of energy. One bad night can ruin the next 24 hrs to 48 hrs. Lack of sleep, disruptive sleep and irregular sleep patterns have a terrible effect on energy level, creativity, mental alertness, general well being and health. Go to bed when you are sleepy and get up at the same time at every morning. If you are full of energy and aren’t exhausted you may sleep some more sleep hrs.

Lack of Exercise

Lack of exercise is equal to lack of energy it’s a downward cycle. If you don’t exercise you can’t be fit and if you are not fit then you don’t have energy to exercise. Exercise gives you energy especially if you do it on regular basis. Soot for 24 to 34 minutes every day to improve your energy level.


When you don’t get enough water, blood flows in your organs including your brain is slowed down making you tired at least enough water to replace what you lose through daily activity


No doubt that today’s life is stressful due to changing your lifestyle and work pressure, but for many of us, we make worse by over filling our schedules instead stop trying to do it all figure out what is most important to you. Cut out the rest, trim your schedule, learn to say no and try meditation

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