What is ASP (Active Server Pages) by Microsoft

What is ASP (Active Server Pages) by Microsoft

Asp .net is a technology provided by MS for server side programming on World wide web . It is a Programming Language and is used  in either client side programming or on server side programming. In this Blog we would guide you What is ASP (Active Server Pages) by Microsoft and useful instructions.

There are two types of programming language on web

  • Client Side Programming
  • Server Side Programming

Client side programming languages like javascript and vbscript which runs on web with the help of html language and known as script languages too.

Execution of client side language is done at client machine and with the help of client browser. So these program can only access the client machine components.

But there is a need to access global components which are stored in server like database and other server services like web services.

For this purpose MS developed a technology known as asp.net which provides the way to access global, database components on web through programming languages like vb.net and c#.net.

The programs made in asp is having .asp or .aspx extension and executes on server with the help of ASP.dll ( dynamic link library files).

The execution of asp files is done at server and client only gets the output of program in its browser.


In case of server side programming


Client browser ————- request for asp files ——-web server —-listen the request —-executes the asp file with the help of asp.dll —— responses to the client with output — client browser shows the output.


In case of client side programming


Client browserrequest for html files/script filesweb server listen the request — sends the code to client  client browser executes the code.

 Asp was previously developed by MS having version 1.0 and was used with vb language only but in .net framework asp gets a fresh development environment with vb and c# support with intelligent compiler and environment .

  • The servlet in java and php can only compete with asp technology.
  • Asp provides some readymade objects to be used

    • 1. response   2. request   3. session     4. application   5. cookies  6.server  
  • Asp pages can support html language but html files cant support asp.
  • Asp technology can interact with html pages.
  • Asp.net can be used as

    • 1.Front end       2. as business logic
  • Asp .net can be used to interact with XML pages.
  • Asp .net is the latest web development tool by MS.


Hope the given information was useful and you have learned something out of it. If you need to ask anything, feel free to comment, email or message us.

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