Onion Juice Restricts Hair Fall And Promotes Hair Growth

Onion Juice Restricts Hair Fall And Promotes Hair Growth

Thick beautiful luxuriant hair is a dream of all – be a man or a woman, but because of our life style, food habits, work pressure we keep losing the precious strand till it becomes too late. But it’s never too late to get them back if we follow a holistic approach. It is all about taking care of oneself but taking care of oneself is so freaking difficult. Let us make it simple by dividing this regime into various groups.

In Order to Take Good Care of Your Hair, You need to Follow Following things:

  • Food – Proper timely food is essential to have lustrous hair. Include lots of nuts, leafy vegetables, fruits, proteins
  • Water – 8-10 glasses of water every day.
  • Sleep – Taking care of sleep is must. Timely 7 – 8 hours of sleep.
  • Exercise – 40 Minutes Exercise Daily.
  • Using onion juice – It has high concentration of sulfur that restricts hair fall and promotes hair growth . It is natural antioxidants, rich in anti bacterial and anti fungal properties which prevents dandruff and lice.

How to make onion juice

Peel off one or two onions and cut them to small pieces, grind them with a little water then filter the juice using a sieve.

  • It can be used by putting it directly on our scalp by giving a gentle massage with our fingers.
  • Leave it for one hour then wash it with a mild shampoo. Can be used once a week.
  • Onion juice can be use as hair pack with either honey or olive oil or paste of curry leaves. Can be used twice a month

We assure you that by doing these, for sure you would be able to grow good hair Naturally.

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