Some Life hacks which would make your Life super easy

Life hacks

Well, there are two ways of doing anything, one are the longer ways where things could be done and other are shortcuts, which would for sure make your Life super easy. And ofcorse it is time saving as well. Be it downloading songs, or to cope up with any situation.

Following tricks and tips would help you getting your required things done precisely and accurately:

  • If you have accidentally send a text message to a wrong person, immediately put your phone to Airplane mode for 2-5 minutes, message would be failed to deliver.
  • When you are finished with an essay, email or any letter, simply copy and paste it into Google Translate and listen to it. It is the easiest way to rectify any mistakes into it.
  • Don't Dial is an App which helps you to stop dialing or texting someone when you are drunk. Their are other ways to help you for your own security.
  • If you type any flight number into Google, it would tell you exactly where the Plane is.
  • To Skip any Youtube Ad, just change "Youtube" to ""Youtubeskip" in the url of the video.
  • Video Buffering o Youtube, just press the up arrow and it would start game of snake.
  • On you can send a letter to your future self, you can choose the date and time when it should be emailed.
  • On  you can put in whatever you have in fridge, and it would guide you the possible edible items you can prepare from them.
  • To get night vision, keep one eye closed in the well lit area and then open it in darkness, Â that eye would be able to see in the dark, that's the reason why pirates wear eye patches.
  • To get additional student discount, try to keep your college ID with you always, even after graduating from the college. Most of the people are interested to check name and photo and you would get the discount.
  • Download music legally: Copy a youtube URL with the song you want. Go to  enter the url, and press "Convert" and download it.
  • Have a song stuck into your head and you are not able to recognize it, simply login to  and it would help.
  • If you have a phone, which accidentally fell into water, don't worry. Simply turn it off.  Put it in a ziploc bag with raw rice in it for almost 24 hours. Rice would absorb all water and after 24 hours your phone would be ready to use.

These are some of the tricks and tips which would make your Life super easy. If you something interesting and accurate like above mentioned things, kindly comment the same in comment box.

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