Play Dragon game with Chrome when Internet is down

Internet in today's world has become a basic commodity. We require Internet almost 24 x 7 for anything and everything. But once it is down, we are struck, and at times have nothing to do. But not now, Google Chrome allows you to play Dragon game for Free, when your Internet is down.

Just follow this small and simple step

  • When your Internet is down, open Google Chrome browser.
  • Try to open any website. For example:
  • It would open something like this when Internet is down. (see the below image)


  • You just simply need to press your SPACEBAR  (from your keyboard)
  • You can see the small dragon on the screen jumping. (Something like below image)


  • Every time you press the spacebar it would jump.
  • Automatically it would run on front and many obstacles like Trees and birds would come on the way.
  • You just need to jump over them without touching them.
  • Play this addictive Game till the internet connection is resumed.
  • Once the internet is live, automatically this game would end and would take you to any webpage which earlier you wish to open when the net was down.

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