WhatsApp mark the read message as unread

People has been always trying to do something new in  whatsApp to surprise their friends. If you want to show some new cool features to your friends in whatsApp, here is your chance.

WhatsApp has updated 5 new features for the android users. Be the first to update your whats and be the first to surprice ypur friend. With the new update you get more control over your messaging options with the new update, it also gives you more emojis and decreases the amount of data used in WhatsApp calls.

The new 5 updates are as follows:

1. You can now mark the read message as unread.

It should be noted that your messages will appear as read to senders even after you mark them as unread. Instead, it can be used to highlight messages so you can get back to them later.

2. There is some update in the custom notifications which the WhatsApp is bringing its whole set of custom options, which were available only for the whole app till now, for individual contacts.

3. You can now Mute individual contacts

4. Lower data consumption in WhatsApp calls

5. New emojis and more skin tones

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