Make your face glow NATURALLY at home, in just 10 days – for almost FREE

Lets admit it, each and everyone of us wish to see our face to glow and to be clear with acnes etc. Most of us have tried almost every thing possible to get rid of these things. Some have tried expensive stuffs, yes I would say few might have worked well as well. But most of the time these things are very time taking, requires patience, at time there is side effect etc. and etc.

But not any more. In this blog I would guide you a very simple and effective way, where yes I can not take Guarantee but yes can assure you that you can have a glow at your face, pimples and acne would be reduced, any dark spots you have would start declinig and you wnt believe the results, as just in one wash you can itself see the results.

So If you have faith , just follow these mentioned steps:

1. Clean your face with any general face wash

2. Take fresh lemon (FRESH lemon means fresh lemon) , cut it into two half

3. Squeeze it a bit, so that bit juice and seeds came out of it.

4. Now sprinkle 10 -15 sugar grains into the lemon half piece.

5. Now rub it into your face in circular motion for 10 minutes, very gently (you are not washing cloths) be very gentle.

6.Once you have rub it, dont wash it immediately, wait for 10 more minutes, let it dry. Then clean your face.

7. You can clean your face with plain water, once cleaned, just splash cold water into your face.

8. Now apply any moisturizer to your face and please avoid direct sunlight.

8. Be very gentle when you scrub it on your face, you don't want rashes RIGHT.

9.  For best results do it daily atleast for 7- 10 days.

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This is being tested by our in-house team and has worked.


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