Quora How To Post A Blog/Artical And How To Promote Them

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Quora is a place to gain and share knowledge. It’s a platform to ask questions and connect with people who contribute unique insights and quality answers. This empowers people to learn from each other and to better understand the world.

Some basic features of Quora are

  • Quora Helps promote our Business or website or products..
  • In Quora, Only one language English is allowed.
  • We can express our views, in limits of policies of quora, and get suggestions, can debate and make friends and all in one place. That’s Quora.

How to create a blog/post/article on Quora

  • Click your picture in the top right section
  • Or after registration, you can click on your profile picture
  • Select “Blogs” from the dropdown
  • Click the “Create A New Blog” button
  • Specify the name, URL, and description
  • Click “Create Blog”

To create a blog on mobile, follow these steps:

  • Tap the “You” tab
  • Select “Blogs” from the list of content types at the bottom of your profile. You may need to scroll horizontally to find this.
  • Tap the “Create A New Blog” button
  • Specify the name, URL, and description
  • Tap “Create A New Blog” to create your blog

Some steps to promote our blogs/post on Quora 

  • Should use a good profile picture.
  • Comment on a famous answer
  • comment something funny and catchy or something sensible and touchy and let the magic begin.
  • Copy some excellent content but and mention information source it is must.
  • Tag some popular Quorans.
  • Attach memes in your answer
  • Decide the topics in which you think you can write may it be related to technology, social skills, educational etc
  • Write about breakups you’ve never gone through, write about love you’ve never fallen for and be a dating expert.
  • Before writing any answer decide a relatively easy question which you can answer.
  • Once the answer has been written make necessary edits in it. Include images and their sources and facts and various fact sources which support your answer from different websites.
  • Keep the grammatical and spelling mistakes in your answer to zero.
  • Once you post the answer, read other answers to the same question so you have an idea of how to think differently and what is the thought process of other Quora users.
  • To gain more followers here, you have to create a solid base. You have to write quite a few answers which you think can go viral within 1 to 2 hours after you post them.

    Important things that you should be avoided

    1. Getting into petty fights over opinions
    2. Asking provocative /stupid questions
    3. Answering questions on topics in which one has no knowledge
    4. After getting a sizable number followers, keep changing the stand on various things (past answers /comments can always be seen) — this will lead to loss of integrity.
    5. Writing with totally opposite views elsewhere (in FB /Twitter, etc.) — today all the Social media platforms are connected to each other and are searchable, therefore uniformity in views (not forced, but natural) is important.
    6. Troll questions. A certain group of people keeps asking certain types of questions to a set of specific people and those people keep answer according to a set pattern and another set of people are there to ‘upvote’ these answers.

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