Some Registry Tricks | Make Your System Fast and Effective

Registry Tricks

Slow computer, Laptop or any system make our Life worse. Due to this even we face slow internet speed. But do you know that there are few FREE things that you could do it yourself to improve these. In this blog we would tell you Some Registry Tricks | Make Your System Fast and Effective.

Following are some registry tricks, which would make your system fast and effective.

Following are some tips which you should follow:


Clean some waste files


Waste files are those files which are saved on your system but actually is of no use to you. These files combinely becomes heavy and slows down the system performance. So You need to delete them atleast once a week.


Try these:


  • Click on Startup  and type  RUN  and open it. A dialog box would open.  (Shortcut is    Win +  R)
  • Now on the entry field type  TEMP  and press OK.
  • Further type  %TEMP%  on   RUN  and press  Ok and delete all the files.
  • Further type  RECENT  on  RUN  and press OK and delete all the files.
  • Now on RUN  command  type  CLEANMGR  and  press OK. Select the drive you wish to clean and clean all the drives.


Following these process once a week, would keep your computer in a healthy form for long period.

Hope this helps. These are some of the tricks and tips which would make your Computer, Laptop or system super fast. If you something interesting and accurate like above mentioned things, kindly comment the same in comment box.

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