Use Notepad As Your Daily Personal Diary

Most of us know that notepad is used to clear formatting of the font that we copy from any place. There are various use of it, where different people use this for different purpose. In this blog, we would teach you to Use Notepad As Your Daily Personal Diary. The instructions are very easy to follow.

Use Notepad As Your Daily Personal Diary (Instructions below)

Process is really simple and effective.

Just follow the below mentioned instructions:

  • Open Notepad  (Start Menu – All Program – Accessories – Notepad)
  • Now write  .LOG  on the first line and then press  ENTER
  • Now save the notepad, in any name you wish as a .text file only.

Now every time when you would open Notepad, it would show you Current Date and Time.


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This way you can plan all your activities timely and accurately. You could place this notepad on your desktop and could easily record each of your activities with date and time. The best part about using Notepad is that it can remove all sort of formating attached with any content. And make the word/ sentence any alphabet into basic normal font. Most of the people use it to clear formats.

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Below are some Notepad Tricks, which you might like to have a quick look:

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