Tips To Answer Frequent Interview Question

Tips To Answer Frequent Interview Question

Knowing how to put together a strong answer to the most common interview questions is obviously key to landing a job. The art and science of creating great answers involves being strategic in crafting your responses as well as practicing till you re as strong a possible.
The best job candidates are not lucky. They spend a ton of time both on preparation because they know how important that interview can be to their entire career.

Apart from the technical question, there are certain questions that are more than obvious to ask.

And these are those questions that basically helps the HR to see actual you.

Following are the question with the Answer one should answer to grab the opportunity.

1.Why Should we Hire You?

It's a Trick question, Try not to boost yourself up here, Try to as modest as you can, but try your best to show your enthusiasm and zeal as well.

The best possible answer for this Question would be:

"If you hire me, it will be a great platform to show my skills & knowledge. Whatever goals were given to me, I'll make sure to deliver it on time with optimum efficiency."

2.Why you left your previous job?

No matter what reason were there, you never share the negative facts about your previous organisation. even if you were being mistreated there, you don't share it, You've left that organisation WITH the bad memories as well.
Instead of disclosing the negative side of you organisation ( as it will create your negative image as well) try dodging this bullet with answer of your self development. Like:

"In order to enhance my skills, I am looking for the best opportunities."

3.Why have you been unemployed for a long time?

Because I wasn't getting any jobs.

That's the actual answer but you can't throw this on the table. You've to show your positive side, even in tenure of unemployment.

Try not putting ages old lame excuse of family. that's way too old school.
instead you can say you were challenging yourself with tough situation, and freelance work. Or I was enhancing my skill set, or personality.

Here's an example:

"I enrolled myself with some Advance Technology & Personality Development Courses with some freelance work"

4. Tell us about your ability to work under pressure.

They ain't asking you to tell a story, so don't elaborate it with one time pressure situation story.
Don't complicate question with long and detailed answer, you ain't giving any exams. You're representing yourself.

keep one thing always in your mind.

Short and Simple.

Same thing applies here, answer in simple one line or phrase. Such as:

"I keep myself calm and focus on the task, while being patient"

5.Describe your management style.

The purpose of this question is to know, How You Lead, Engage & Motivate the team. Obviously you can't be too lenient or too strict, But how you treat your team tells, how much of a good asset you are to company.
Since they have given you the liberty to "Describe", you can use a few extra sentences or phrase to explain your self.

They want to hear, how you delegate the work, how you interact them, what are your priorities on team management.

So you answer them with your view, for Example:

"I consistently keep eye on my assigned work, with my sub-ordinates and my seniors, so it could be finished before the Deadline. In Order to do that, I believe that respecting your colleagues plays a vital role, as fear can never give you the efficiency which respect can yield.In addition, I strongly believe that, Together – We can do more."

6. Are you a Team Player?

You've already answered this in your previous question, but you cant say it, neither while answering you can say "as I've mentioned earlier"

That is a Big No.

No company entertain a candidate who isn't a Team Player, So the answer will be obvious yes. But! You need to convince them. That Implies you need to share the benefit of Team.

You can put an answer something like:

"Yes. I was a part of several successful projects. And I strongly believe that people's idea and sharing will be totally different and innovative while they are together to single destination."

7. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Obviously in a better position from now, but the trick is Where?

You can't bluntly say the name of any fortune 500 company. (though everyone desire and try for it).

You've to be subtle here, simply answer them:

"I see myself in a senior position managing important profile for this company."

8. What if we don't hire you?

What I can do, curse you, as I have lots of thing expected with this job.

Can't say it Though. 😉

This is basically a bouncer for you, All you need to do is play the hook shot.

You show them how confident you are, still, you're always open for new things to learn.

The optimum answer for this will be:

"I've full confidence in myself and my abilities that I'll secure another job. Although i'd really appreciate and analyse you feedback for why I am not being hired, so I can improve upon the same."

And the ball goes out of the boundary, 6 or 4 that depends on your presentation. 😉

9. What are your Strength and weaknesses?

Just say your Strengths like, Out of box thinking, Ability to Work, Technical Knowledge, Management Ethics, etc.

Never say any negative points, which will affect the company, Man-hours, or Working activities. Just say I don't like office politics, or any assigned field, you are weak at.

10. Do you have any question?

The most obvious question candidate asked are, Am I selected? Or From when do I join?

I'd suggest you not to ask them these question. At time it does seem quite humorous or confident, but! on Contrary it decreases your chances.

It's good to show your enthusiasm and confidence in yourself, but You've to be careful on the selection of words here. You may not realize, but when you ask from when to join, you sound little over confident and rude simultaneously.
Instead try asking:

"What are the next steps of interviewing process?"

This way you conveyed them pretty clearly that you're confident enough that you've been selected, yet you are modest enough to not to boost yourself.

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