Trick to Hide sensitive notification from I-Phone’s lock Screen

hide iphone notfification

Sometimes an I-Phone user get stuck in an awkward position, where there pop-up the notification in locked mode, revealing the content.If, you have enabled the notification, Almost all apps displays the message right in the lock screen.

Though with following simple steps You can Actually hide those text of messages, without disabling the Lock Screen Notification service. It will certainly help you see the important notifications and, will also prevent people from reading the sensitive content over your Shoulder, Simultaneously.

This iOS feature works same as of Android, which let you mark some app notification as "Sensitive".

Hide Notification Preview of Messages and Mail

Apple cares about the sensitivity of content and it has given you the option to hide you message preview.
You can Hide your text of messages or mail, just from "Notification Setting Screen"

To execute this, All you've to to is follow these steps

  • Open the Setting app on your iPhone
  • Tap Notifications
  • Now Tap Messages or Mail in the list
  • Scrool down in the menu
  • and now just Deactivate the "Show Previews" Slider.

After you're done, either messages or mail, will not show any priviews of incoming text or mail on your Lock Screen.

Now Though this will help you to hide the message preview of mail and text only. You must be wondering, What about other messaging apps?, Ain't you??

There's the solution for this as well. 🙂

Tips to Hide Preview of Other Apps.

Although, Hiding Notification Preview of SMS and Mails are quite simple, But when it comes to other Apps, It's quite Complicated.

You have an iPhone buddy, you can't expect it to be quite easy 😉

Third Party Applications are not allowed to access above mentioned setting in an iOS, thus can not use that setting as well.

So, some of the Third party Apps, have their own "Show Preview" option n their own Setting Tab.

  • Open the Settings of the App.
  • Tap Notifications and Sound or  Notifications
  • Now Disable Message Preview Option here.

Some Third Party Applications might not have this setting, Although it's very common in almost all Chat Apps.

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  1. Thanks For This Tip!
    Those Screen Notifications were Really Annoying at Times.
    Though I Couldn’t find any such option om my skype.

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