Samsung And AMD Sign New Multi-Year Agreement To Bring ‘Console-Level’ Graphics Performance To Mobile

Samsung And AMD Sign New Multi-Year Agreement To Bring 'Console-Level' Graphics Performance To Mobile

Samsung and AMD have signed a new multi-year agreement that aims to bring console-level graphics performance to mobile devices. The partnership was announced at the recent computex 2021 event in Taipei, Taiwan. And it has sparked a lot of excitement in the tech industry.

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This collaboration between two of the biggest players in the tech industry promises to deliver a significant boost to the mobile gaming experience. Samsung has long been a leader in the smartphone market, while AMD is renowned for its powerful graphics processing technology. Together, they hope to create a new standard in mobile gaming performance.

The partnership will see Samsung integrating AMD’s RDNA 2 graphics technology into its Exynos processors, which power its flagship smartphones. The RDNA 2 technology is the same one that powers the latest consoles from Microsoft and Sony, such as the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5. By integrating this technology into Samsung’s mobile devices, the companies aim to provide a similar level of graphics performance in a portable device.

This is big news for mobile gamers, who have long been craving a more immersive gaming experience on their smartphones. With the new technology, games will look and feel much more like their console counterparts, with more detailed textures, improved lighting. And more realistic environments  this will make mobile gaming more engaging and enjoyable than ever before.

Moreover, the new partnership will not only benefit gamers but also developers. With the new technology, they will be able to create games with more advanced graphics. And richer gameplay experiences, taking advantage of the new hardware capabilities.


The partnership between Samsung and AMD is a significant development in the mobile gaming industry. By bringing console-level graphics performance to mobile devices, the two companies are setting a new standard for the industry. As gamers and developers look forward to the release of the first Samsung devices with the new technology, it will be exciting to see how the industry evolves and what new gaming experiences will be created.