Say Goodbye to Catfishing: Tinder Introduces AI and Video Selfies for Verification Process

Tinder, the popular dating app, recently announced that it will be using AI and video selfies for its verification process. This move is part of the company’s efforts to combat catfishing and improve the overall user experience.

In this blog we will know about the new feature of tinder

  • Catfishing is a common problem on dating apps, where someone creates a fake profile using someone else’s pictures, and often deceives other users into thinking that they are someone else. This can lead to a lot of disappointment and even danger for users who are looking to meet someone in person.
  • Tinder has introduced a new verification process that uses both AI and video selfies. This new process aims to verify that users are who they say they are and to make it more difficult for scammers and bots to operate on the platform.
  • Tinder is making it harder for scammers to create fake profiles and deceive other users. This move is likely to improve the overall user experience and help people find genuine matches on the platform.
  • It’s important to note that while the new verification process is designed to make the app safer, it’s not foolproof. There is still a risk of encountering fake profiles, and users should always exercise caution when communicating with someone they haven’t met in person.


Tinder’s new verification process is a step in the right direction towards improving safety and combating catfishing on the platform. With the use of AI and video selfies, users can feel more confident that the person they are talking to is genuine, which is crucial when it comes to online dating.

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