Secrets of Telegram – The best hacks exposed


Secrets of Telegram – The best hacks exposed


Telegram is a social media platform that allows one to interact with people in different places and within his environment with ease. Telegram can also be referred to as a messaging app where people interact with others. It is a large social media space with lots of features attached to it.



Telegram has made it possible that one can be able to edit sent messages with the purpose of correcting typographical errors. This particular feature is one you don’t get to see in many messaging applications, rather they will require you to type another text with the correct sentences you intended to type. Telegram made it easy by simply creating an editing option that you can use in correction.

This is done by you selecting the message and clicking it, you will see an edit button which on clicking it after making the necessary changes, your text will be edited. However, a telegram will notify your recipient that you edited a message.


Sometimes we will desire to send messages to your contact without letting them know. In such times, if you send a regular message, the recipient will be informed. 

Telegram silent message feature is all you need, as it will allow you to send messages to your recipient without informing them.

For this feature to be functional on your telegram app, all you need to do is to type the message, then instead of tapping the send button, as usual, tap and hold on it until you get a pop-up with different options. From here, you can select the one that says “send without sound”.

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Secrets of Telegram – The best hacks exposed

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This is one of the tricks which a telegram user enjoys that other message app users do not enjoy. While using telegram you can be able to make schedule your message as to when it’s to be sent to the other party.

This is simply done by opening the chat where you need to send the message then you type the message. After that, tap and hold on to the send button until you get a pop-up with a couple of options. From here select schedule message, then you select the date and time you want to send the message. 


We tend to send some messages which we want to be seen once only and it stops showing but that is somewhat impossible because normally by sending messages it continues to live in that chat perpetually. Telegram created a remedy to that by creating a feature that makes a conversation disappear once seen by the recipient.

For this to be effective why chatting, select the media file you want to send, tap and hold the select button, on doing this you will be given the option, to select “send with timer”, set the time you want the message to stay, finally hit the send button.

However, you sending using a disappearing message does not mean that one cannot screenshot the media and it stays in their media file.


Some people leave the social space and will like to delete their account within a few months, for the account not to be used by others for other activities which are not authorized by the owner, but cannot because they might not be available to do so. Telegram brought about a remedy for them by adding the auto-delete feature to the app. Such that the account can be deleted after a period of time set by the user.

To use this feature, the user will go to settings (privacy and security), then tap on “if away” to choose months that will allow the app to delete the account. Once the number of months is complete and you are not on telegram, your account will be deleted forever.


Sometimes you might be in a group and the messages might be much, and you might not be able to the time frame you require.


Sometimes reading through all the messages in the group at a time is difficult for the users. Telegram created a remedy to it and one of these remedies is the slow mode. It allows the group admin to limit the number of messages that come into the group at the same time by creating an option for intervals of messages.

To do this, you click on the Edit button (on iOS) or per icon (on Android).

Click on permissions.

On the next page, you will see a slow mode slider with different time intervals up to 1 hour.

Drag the slider to set the location.

One of the essential features of the telegram is that it helps you in finding friends and family within your vicinity even without them being on your contact list. This feature is not seen on messing applications such as WhatsApp. So far your location is on your telegram will always help you find people. To use this feature, you simply have to go to the contact section on telegram and select Find People Nearby. Once this is done you will see the available people on telegram within your vicinity.

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