See your hidden password in few clicks

See your hidden password in few clicks

At times we save our password, just because we didn't want to remember it or type it again and again we just make our computer or laptop remember it for easy access. But most of the time, we forgot our password
and want to know what exactly it is. Or in other situation, when we see a save password, which is in form of asterick (***)  mark, it is almost next to impossible for us to find out what is it. But not anymore.

Just follow the steps given below and the problem would be solved forever:

  • Open Google Chrome
  • Now open the page, email account, or any webpage, where you see the saved password (something like this *****)
  • Now right click on the page
  • Click on inspect element
  • Now click on the search button icon on the new dialog box that has open and put your mouse cursor on the password box.
  • You can see following code written

<input id="Passwd" name="Passwd" type="password" placeholder="Password" class="">

  • double click on type
  • Change "password"  to  "word"
  • Press enter
  • now automatically the ******** sign of password would display the actual written password.

Hope this works for you, kindly share the good word with the world, comments are most welcome.

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