Tips to Save data on the cloud from windows Phone

To save data on Cloud it is mandatory to have a Microsoft account
And if are using a Windows Phone 8 device, you should have created this during setup or while downloading apps.

You will also need a OneDrive account for saving photos and videos. You can go to or just download the app to create this account.

To save data On cloud follow the following steps

Step 1

To backup your settings, Internet Explorer favorites, and a list of installed apps, head to Settings > Backup > App list + settings > Backup > On. Tap back up now to start the backup immediately.

Step 2

To backup text messages, head to Settings > Backup > Text messages > Text message backup > On.

Step 3

To save your photos and videos, go to Settings > Backup > Photos. Under both sub-heads – Photos and Videos – pick either Good quality or Best quality. Photos will back up good quality on your cellular Internet connection, but best quality photos and all videos need WiFi to upload.

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