Tricks to Disable Notifications in Google Chrome for Mac

Tricks to Disable Notifications in Google Chrome for Mac

If you are fade-up of getting desktop notifications from Google chrome. Here are the simple steps to do it.

Step 1

Go to Google Chrome Settings page.


Step 2

Go to the bottom and click Show advanced settings.


Step 3

Under Privacy, click Content settings


Step 4

Scroll down to Notifications.


Step 5

Select do not allow any site to show desktop notifications.


Step 6

If you want to allow some websites to show notifications, you can click Ask when a site wants to show desktop notifications. Now sites will show notifications only if you permit them to.


Step 7

Click Manage exceptions, to see the list of sites that you've granted permission for notifications. Click the X to the right of any of these URLs to stop the site from sending notifications.

The above method will stop desktop notifications from websites. But an app or extension can still send notifications.

To disable notifications from individual Chrome apps or extensions


Step 1

In the system menu bar, click the bell icon.


Step 2

Click the gear icon.


Step 3

Uncheck apps or extensions that you don't want notifications from.


To permanently stop all notifications, including email and messages.


Step 1

Click Chrome from the top menu bar.


Step 2

Click Hide notifications Icon from the drop-down menu.


Step 3

In the drop-down menu, select Hide icon and notifications. And Click OK.


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