Windows Defender Tips! Run a Scan on Windows 10

How to Run a Scan on Windows 10 with Windows Defender

In this article we will help you with the tips to Run a Scan on Windows 10 with Windows Defender. For this particular tips we are using Windows 10 for reference. We hope that the tips will work well for other version of the Windows. (Run a Scan on Windows 10)

About Windows Defender: (Run a Scan on Windows 10)

Windows Security (known as Windows Defender Antivirus before Windows 10 May 2020 Update, Windows Defender before Windows 10 Creators Update, or Microsoft Defender Antivirus before Windows 11) is an anti-malware component of Microsoft Windows. It was first released as a downloadable free anti-spyware program for Windows XP, and was later shipped with Windows Vista and Windows 7. It has evolved into a full antivirus program, replacing Microsoft Security Essentials, as part of Windows 8 and later versions.

On March 21, 2019, Microsoft announced Microsoft Defender ATP for Mac for business customers to protect their Mac devices from attacks on a corporate network, and a year later, to expand protection for mobile devices, announced Microsoft Defender ATP for Android and iOS devices, which incorporates Microsoft SmartScreen, a firewall and malware scanning. The mobile version of Microsoft Defender also includes a feature to block access to corporate data if it detects a malicious app is installed.

Step by Step guide to Run a Scan on Windows 10 with Windows Defender

Step 1:
In the Settings window, click Update & Security, and then click the Windows Defender option on the left side.

Step 2:
In the Windows Defender dialog box that appears, click Open Windows Defender Security Center.

Step 3: (Run a Scan on Windows 10)
In the window that appears, click the Virus and Threat Protection button on the left side (it’s shaped like a shield).

Step 4:
Click the Quick Scan button. Windows Defender scans your computer and reports any findings.

Step 5:
Click Advanced Scan in the Windows Defender Security Center window to choose among a full scan, a custom scan, or an offline scan. Windows Defender scans your laptop according to your choice and reports any findings. (Run a Scan on Windows 10)