11 Advantages Of Having A Blackberry


 iPhone advantages are very compelling when comparing it to its main rival to date, the Blackberry. However, Blackberry also has numerous advantages, almost all of which are “behind the scenes” and therefore often beyond the comprehension or attention span of most consumers to fully analyze before a purchase decision is made. This post contains 11 Advantages Of Having A Blackberry.


11 Advantages Of Having A Blackberry

  • Incredible battery life + unlimited international data plans at very low cost.
  • UMA calling on Blackberries is also quite nice.it means I can call from my reception-free lab which has WiFi, and make free calls to USA from foreign countries if I can find a WiFi hotspot. Also, Blackberries have real keyboards which mean much more accurate typing.
  • High degree of customization across a broad range of core smart phone capabilities.  
  • Customize autotext (which you can't on Android and iOS)  For example, replace wo with without w with with, etc.  autocap VP, CIO, CTO when you enter vp, cio, cto.  replace mycel with the actual phone number, etc. 
  • Customized ringtones and/or vibration by caller.  Vibrations can be set to long, medium or short as well as the number.
  • Customized alert tones and/or vibration by email account, IM sender, calendar notifications, to-do/tasks when due
  • Customized fonts/sizes for core smartphone applications such as email, menu/notifications/display, calendar, notes, tasks, and browser.
  • Different notification profiles based on when in the holster or out.  (holsers have a little magnet that detects when the unit has been placed into it or removed.  most higher end BB's came with their own holsers – these days that's not the case.)


  • Insanely instant receipt/delivery of emails! I routinely got my message delivered to my BB before I saw it in Outlook when connected to an Exchange server or when using Gmail for example
  • BlackBerry's have had 'over the air' synchronization connectivity for years  never requiring a connection to a PC.  
  • 3rd party apps are far richer in capabilities – although this seems to be changing.

Hope this Post has got you 11 Advantages Of Having A Blackberry to make a better decision on buying a phone. Want to know the Disadvantages, comment to us and Please like and share this post

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