15 Ways to Tie Your Laces

Great site needtricks have written about 15 ways to tie your laces, handpicked by Professor Shoelace himself, Ian Fieggen. If you’re trying to link some productivity to learning new shoe-lacing techniques, he shows us a very fast and secure method..There are 15 ways I know you can tie your laces and all of them are listed down with pictures for your understanding which are listed below.

Following are some of the pictures, which would guide you the 15 Ways to Tie Your Laces


A. Ladder A.Ladder Shoe-laces B.Zipper   B.Zipper Shoe-laces C.Double Back C.Double Back Shoe-laces D. Loop Back D.Loop Back E.Bushwalk E.Bushwalk F.Sawtooth F.Sawtooth G. Footbag .G.Footbag H.Display H.Display I.Hash I.Hash J.Twistie J.Twistie K.Hidden Knot K.Hidden Knot L.Riding Bow L.Riding Bow M.Checkerboard M.CheckerBoard N.Lattice H.Lattice O.Bi-Colour O.Bi--Color Hope you have been benifited by this post and you have learned 15 Ways to Tie Your Laces . If you have been in advantage by this post, Please like, share and comment on this post.

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