15 Ways to Tie Your Laces

There are 15 ways I know you can tie your laces and all of them are listed down with pictures for your understanding which are listed below.

Following are the 15 Ways to Tie Your Shoe Laces

1.  Ladder

As the name suggests this type of Show lace would depict as a ladder once done. Have a look at the below picture.

A.Ladder Shoe-laces2. Zipper

These shoelaces depict zipper style and are created in a zipper manner. Below Picture would guide you on how to knot.

B.Zipper Shoe-laces3. Double Back

As the name suggests, this knot style has a double back. Refer to the picture for a better understanding.

C.Double Back Shoe-laces4. Loop Back

This kind and style of shoelace give a style of LoopBack.

D.Loop Back5. Bushwalk

This style is very unique and is considered a bushwalk. As the knot style is on the side of the shoe.

E.Bushwalk6. Sawtooth

If you could imagine what a saw tooth looks like. This is the exact replica. This knot style is sawtooth.

F.Sawtooth7. Footbag.

This is also a very unique style of knotting a shoe, very uncommon.G.Footbag8. Display

This is a very common style of shoelace knot. Most of us use the knot in this fashion only.

H.Display9. Hash

This shoelace has a unique pattern in it and hence it is called as Hash style.

I.Hash10. Twistie

There are lots of twists in this lace style. You can see the picture that a unique pattern in midway has been created.

J.Twistie11. Hidden Knot

This is the cleanest style of creating a shoe knot. Where it is absolutely difficult to find where the knot is.

K.Hidden Knot12. Riding Bow

Alike on sideways in other knots, in this style the laces are tied from the center. Which is a very uncommon and unique style of shoe knot.

L.Riding Bow13. Checkerboard

Well, the pattern actually looked like a checkerboard. This is a very uncommon style and is a rare style pattern to tie a shoe knot.

M.CheckerBoard14. Lattice

This shoe knot pattern is highly stylish. And it also comes under a unique rare pattern that people use to tie the shoelace.

H.Lattice15. Bi-Colour

Two shoelaces of different colors are used to create this pattern and hence it is called a Bi-Colour shoelace pattern.


We hope now you have mastered the art of tying a shoelace. You can use these shoe patterns on different occasions and styles. You can impress the world with your new learning and style.

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