Google’s Flight Price Guarantee: Refund for Tickets Priced Below Suggestion

Google has announced a low flight price guarantee. So, if the price of a flight turns out to be less than suggested, it will refund you the difference.

In this blog we will discuss about the Google’s Flight Price Guarantee: Refund for Tickets Priced Below Suggestion

Google’s Flight Price Guarantee is a feature that promises to refund customers. If the cost of their flight tickets is less than what Google had suggested. This feature is available for flights booked through Google Flights, which is Google’s online flight booking service.

When a customer books a flight through Google Flights. The service will suggest a price range for that particular flight based on historical data, seasonality, and other factors. If the customer pays for the flight and the final cost is lower than the suggested price range. Google will automatically issue a refund for the difference between the two amounts.

The refund will be credited to the same payment method used for the original booking. And customers can expect to receive it within a few days. This feature provides customers with peace of mind knowing that they are getting the best possible. Price for their flight and that they will not lose money if the price drops after they book.

It’s important to note that not all flights are eligible for this feature. And it may not be available in all countries or regions. Additionally, the refund amount may be subject to certain limitations or exclusions. Which can vary depending on the specific terms and conditions of the booking.

Google Flights is one of the best platforms to track flight ticket prices. Thousands of users plan their trips based on the price prediction on Google Flights, but the company is making this more appealing.

Google’s new campaign to make summer travel more convenient includes new features. And one of them is related to flights. Google Flights has announced a low flight price guarantee. So, if the price of a flight turns out to be less than suggested by Google Flights, it will refund you the difference.

When you search for flights between two destinations, Google Flights uses historical averages to suggest the lowest prices. At the same time, the platform shows if current prices are low, typical, or high. But Google Flights is introducing a new price guarantee badge, a four-coloured shield icon, that will appear when Google is “confident that the price you see today won’t get any lower before takeoff.”

In other words, Google is claiming it will show you the lowest price for a ticket until takeoff, but if the price gets any lower, Google Flights will refund you the difference between both price points. Google said it will “monitor the price every day until departure, and if it does go down, we’ll send you back the difference via Google Pay.” Google’s new low-price guarantee is part of a new pilot programme in the US.

But how to know if your flight ticket is eligible for this guarantee? Google said only flights — both one-way and round — that depart from any US airport and the tickets for which are booked using “Book on Google” are eligible for the offer. If you book tickets by visiting a third-party ticketing platform, this offer will not be applicable.

Google has one more condition. For you to become eligible for the money-back guarantee, the price difference between the ticket prices must be greater than $5. “You can receive up to $500 total per calendar year for up to 3 open Price guaranteed bookings at any one time,” Google said.

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