How To Avoid Overheating Of Smartphone

Most of the people used the smartphone now, have you ever notice that sometimes our smartphone overheat. This overheating can reduce the performance and lifetime of your phone. Here we would be telling you How To Avoid Overheating Of Smartphone.

Simple Instruction To Avoid Mobile Overheating

  • Use Right Accessories-

  • It’s very important that you use the same company original accessories (Charger & headphone ).It will keep your mobile phone cool and fast performing.Don’t use the third party accessories they will cause be overheating of your smartphone.

    Close Unnecessary Background Application-

    We generally forget to close the application and exit it from just by pressing the home button. But the running apps in the background consuming CPU and memory that will cause overheating of the smartphone. so it’s is very important to entirely close the applications that we have used.

  • Avoid Sweat And Sunlight-

  • Don’t keep your mobile phone in direct sunlight.Because in sunlight the temperature of the device increase.Also in the same way when you put your device in the tight pocket.The sweat is spread over the surface of your phone. This degrades the performance & overheat of your phone.

    Use Good Cover Case –

    Most of the people use a tight plastic and leather cover case. In these cover cases, there is no air circulation system. The heat that will radiate from the device cannot be emitted from the device, and cause the device to be overheated. Try to avoid using the cover case or otherwise use good quality of cover case for your phone.

  • Keep Control Over Notifications And Advertisement-

  • Have you ever observe that when you use the internet(3G and 4G) a lot of installation advertisement and Pop-up and shown on the screen. Never click and download these advertisements.Because these Pop-up and advertisement contain the virus, malware, and torsion horse virus.These, not the only slowdown and overheat your mobile, but also steal your personal data from your mobile.
  • Final Words-

  • If you care your mobile it will also care you and give you best service for a very long time.  Start caring of your mobile device.Hope that this suggestion will help you. if you want to more information visit on

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