How To Hide Drives In Windows

How To Hide Drives In Windows

If you drill down into technicalities, there are many features, that could be used in a Laptop, Computer and Mobile Phone. It could be anything as you can think. If you are using operating system of Windows than Hidden Partition Windows eight, 8.1 and 10. In this blog we would guide you How To Hide Drives In Windows.

In Order To Understand How To Hide Drives In Windows, Follow the Given Steps:

  • Right click on My pc –  it'll open the pc Management tab, In this, open Storage.
  • Then, click double on Disk Management Snap-in.
  • Under this, all the drives of your computer can seem.
  • Right-click on the drive you want to cover.
  • Change Letter and Paths’ >Remove >OK!
  • If any window seems, simply press OK.

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Hide Drive in Windows eight, 8.1 victimization ‘gpedit.msc’:

  • Press Win+R and kind MSc >OK.
  • After this, User Configuration>Administrative Templates>Windows Components>File someone
  • Here, by enabling  the choice of ‘Hide these specified  drives in My pc,’ you'll hide your drives.
  • Opt for the Drive you wish to cover from the menu.
  • Simply Save and Exit.

Note: It’s perpetually ‘necessary’ to cover a particular drive solely and retain full access to others. One will add such restrictions by modifying a file known as ‘System.adm’ for the presently operating or set policy.


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It is counseled to make a brand new ‘.adm.’ file rather than creating changes to the System.adm file, as these modifications may retreat to to the first when the re-creation unharness by Microsoft. in addition, native drives ar even safeguarded by concealment them through ‘Regedit,’ i.e. written account edit, however it will be a little-complicated method for non-advanced users.


How to Hide drive in Windows seven

Windows seven users ought to initial strive ways mentioned on top of and if it doesn’t work for your system. Then they'll check up on our another trick, that permits you to hide your native drives. This trick is performed by victimization ‘Diskpart’ command in ‘cmd’ prompt.

Simply follow these steps:

How to Hide disk Partition in Windows seven

  • Press Win+R and open prompt by writing ‘cmd’ >OK.
  • kind ‘Diskpart’ >Enter.
  • kind ‘list volume’ >Enter.
  • Then the names your system’s storage drives can seem within the prompt.
  • currently kind ‘Select > volume number’ that represents the drive you wish to cover. Press Enter. (For e.g. ‘Select Volume 4’)
  • At last, kind ‘remove letter F’ and provides the ‘Enter’ (Make absolute to check that Volume  is mention against that Drive in your system)
  • Diskpart with success removed the drive letter.”– This text can appear!
  • ‘You can realize that your selected  drive has disappeared from your system.’

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How to Access Hidden Partition in Windows eight, 8.1, 10 and 7

  • Repeat the steps one, two and three as mentioned on top.
  • Then you only have to be compelled to kind ‘Assign Letter D’ rather than the command mentioned on top of. Press the ‘Enter key’ and ‘Whoosh’ it’s back.

Hope now by any of the given steps you have learned How To Hide Drives In Windows. Please feel free to comment and ask for anything.

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