Enable Copy Paste In CMD – Windows

Enable Copy Paste In CMD - Windows

Windows do not allow users to Copy text and Paste it in Command prompt by default.  it even doesn't allow to Copy text from Command prompt and paste it somewhere else. But there is an option in CMD to enable Copy & Paste Text in Windows Command Prompt. Today we will learn how to Copy and Paste Texts in Windows Command promt.

once you know how to enable copyinng and pasting in CMD. you can easily copy commands and paste it directly to CMD from internet or word files.

steps to Enable Copy Paste In CMD – Windows

Step 1

Open CMD fist of all. Type CMD in search select Command Prompt.

Step 2

Right Click on the Title of the CMD window and Select Properties.

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Step 3

You will see a Pop up Window coming up. Now on your right hand side Under Edit Options, look for Quick Edit Mode and click OK.

Step 4

Almost everything is Done. now you can Copy any Text from internet or any word file using CTRL+C keys and Right click using your mouse on CMD. You will see that the text has been pasted automatically in CMD. Please make sure that you use CTRL+C to Copy text. It is very important to copy text by CTRL+C keys.

Step 5

In addition if you want to copy Text from CMD to paste somewhere else then Just Select the Text in CMD and right Click with the mouse. Your Text is Copied and you can paste it to any file or document you want.

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This Doesn’t mean that you can only copy Text. You can even copy File or Folder path and paste it in CMD. Everything that you have to type manually now yu can directlycopy from somewher and directly copy it to CMD.

 in the above article we talked about the steps by which you can Enable Copy Paste In CMD – Windows. now you do not need to type any long command in CMD. you can copy the command from whereever you want and paste it directly in CMD.

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