How to Install Windows in Macbook

How to Install Windows in Macbook

In todays world there are many users who uses MAC OS. Mac is a Operating System that is used in Apple Macbooks. Many people don't know how to use MAC but they want to keep macbook in such a case they need to divide the Macbook in two parts, in one part they want MAC OS and in the other part they want Windows Operating System. In such a case MAC provides an in-built application

called BootCamp which helps user to divide the system in two Operating System.

Now, to install windows besides MAC we need to follow the steps given below:

  • Open BootCamp From the Spotlight Search(Command+Space).
  • Now choose which OS you want to install besides MAC(In our case its Windows) and then click Next button.
  • Choose how much hardisk space would you like to give to Windows OS (Mac will need atleast half of the hardisk space).
  • Now choose the ISO file from which you want to install windows or you can use bootable USB too and then click Next button.
  • Now a screen will appear in which it would write “Downloading Windows  Support Software” let it be downloaded.
  • Once it’s downloaded Click the Install button.
  • After that the MAC os would get shutted down and the windows installation screen would appear.
  • Just start clicking next don’t get hesitated when it shows the hardisk partition option because it would only show the space which you have provide to the windows earlier.
  • After that windows will start getting installed.
  • After the windows is installed. The windows would be set as the default OS to load at the startup.
  • To load MAC OS hold the Option key till the selection window dosen’t appear.
  • After the selection window gets opened click on Macintosh HD to load Mac OS.

Now, you can enjoy the working of windows as well as the working of MAC. In the same system, the MAC OS can access the files of the Windows OS but when you are in the Windows OS you can’t access the files of MAC OS.

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