How To Install Dual Boot Ubuntu And Windows On Single PC

Today we have the different Operating system. We face confusion that which operating system is chosen for our purpose among windows or ubuntu. In this blog, we would be telling you How To Install Dual Boot Ubuntu And Windows On Single PC.

While windows are popular for its graphical user interface, on the other hand, Ubuntu is famous for its command line interface. If someone is confusion that whether he/she install ubuntu or windows, now the time is come he/she don;t worry about this because we would be telling you can now use both dual boot ubuntu and windows on a single system.

Steps to dual boot both Windows and Linux


1. Download the Linux iso file of any distribution.The link is provided given below.

2.Download Rufus on your windows.

3. Plug in USB flash/pen drive in your system and use Refus tool to create the bootable drive for your PC.

4. Once the drive has been optimised. Turn off the system and boot from the USB drive. 5.Adjust some boot setting by entering in to boot menu setting.
6. Turn on the system while repeatedly pressing the machine special functions keys. this special function varies with different manufacturing computer


Hold Option (next to the ⌘ key) for the Apple

and for Others Esc, F1-12, Del or Enter during bootup

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7. After booting from USB drive, you will see three option just click on Try Ubuntu and you will notice that OS Starts running, now installing it alongside windows os by connecting to the internet.

8. Now on your desktop, you will able to see shortcuts “Install Ubuntu”. Click on it

9. Follow the instruction and select the languages.

10. In the next step, choose to install Linux alongside windows boot manager. you can install it in any drive except C drive. The drive should be free, it should not contain any data.

11. Complete the rest of installation like select locations and enter user details.
In this way your installation becomes complete, now you can choose any OS windows or Linux according to your need.
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