Interesting and Cool Facts About Microsoft Excel

Fun Facts about MS excel

Interesting and Cool Facts About Microsoft Excel. Have you ever wondered how many rows or columns you can fill in an MS Excel spreadsheet? Or Have you ever thought of making your digital art in MS Excel? , Or You know there used to be some cool hidden games in Excel? . If not, then don’t be depressed.

Here is a list of Interesting and Cool Facts About Microsoft Excel which you might have never heard of:

  1. Microsoft Released Excel Exclusively for Mac users only:

  • As of now, MS Excel is used by everyone, but that wasn’t the case when it was first released in 1985. Due to a contract between Apple and Microsoft, Microsoft didn’t release Excel to Windows PC in exchange for code details for Mac system features from Apple.
  • Then after 2 years in 1987, Excel was launched for Windows.
  • Before MS Excel, there used to be another platform that kind of does the same work called “Lotus 123”.
  1. How would you feel if MS Excel is called a “Multiplane”?

  • For us, the word or the name MS Excel sounds perfect, right? But there is a slight chance that Microsoft could keep the different name for Excel. Some of the old and present developers and employers of Microsoft say that there is a list of different names for this before finalizing “Excel”.
  • For examples, “Multiplane”, “Mr. Spreadsheet”, “Master Plan”, “Odyssey” and many more.
  1. MS Excel started the revolution by Including Toolbar:

  • As we see now, a Toolbar is a basic and most important part of any application, it wasn’t like this before Excel.
  • The toolbar wasn’t the thing before MS Excel.
  • Microsoft is the pioneer who started the revolution of using the Toolbar as a basic function of any application or website.
  1. It’s surprising that Excel still has a major bug with the year 1900.

  • Even though with a lot of advanced improvements with MS Excel, it still has an error or bug with the year 1900.
  • It shows that 1900 is a leap year which in reality isn’t. It’s completely funny that they still couldn’t solve the error.
  1. It would take you 545 years to fill the whole sheet?

  • At the beginning of Excel, there used to be only 16,834 rows. Then from 1997 to 2003, they included a total of 65,536 rows and 256 columns. And after Excel 2007, they took it to the next level. The program offered a total of 1,048,576 rows and 16,384 columns which sums to a total of 17 Billion Cells.
  • Just for thought, hypothetically if it takes you even just a second to fill the single cells, it would take a total of  545 years to fill the whole sheet.
  1. Cool hidden games in Excel.

  • Have ever heard about the game called doom? In Excel 95, Microsoft include the hidden Boom-like-mini-game called “the hall of tortured souls” which was a decorated wall with the name of the developers.
  • Excel 97 had a flight simulator as an easter egg.
  1. About 16% of the world’s population uses MS Excel.

  • With a wide range of uses, there is a total of 1.2 billion worldwide users for Microsoft Excel.
  • Which is about 16% of the world population which is wonderful.
  1. Have you ever tried to name a workbook as history? Well, it’s impossible.

  • Whenever you try to name your work as “history”
  • Microsoft immediately shows you that “History is a reserved name”
  • the sheet meant for ‘tracking changes between shared workbooks’.
  1. Can you name a built-in formula for MS Excel starting from “J”?

  • Even though with more than 450+ built-in formulas in MS Excel,
  • it’s strange that you can’t find a single formula with “J” as a starting Letter.
  1. Some of the cool numerical facts about MS Excel:

  • You can use 512 fonts in Excel Sheets.
  • A single cell in MS Excel can have up to 32,767 characters.
  • In Excel, you can undo 100 times.
  • The maximum length of characters for an Excel formula is 8.192.
  • There used to be only 56 colors in Excel till 2007. But now you can create your digital art with the help of Excel spreadsheets using a wide range of 16million colors.
  • There are 500+ keyboard shortcuts in MS Excel.
  • You can add up to 16,530 hyperlinks in an Excel sheet.
  • There are more than 475 formulas in Microsoft Excel.
  • You can select up to 2,147,483,648 noncontiguous cells simultaneously