Simple trick to “increase App download” on Google Play Store

Well it is a wish for every Application (App) developer or an App developing company, that once it is live it gets massive download. They do massive promotion in order to get more number of downloads. At times they are successful and at times they are not. Now if you Google, how to “increase App Download“, you would get endless articles and blogs which either ask for money or the same monotonous thing which you already know.

Yes those things are important as well. Just to make you understand, pointing out some of the lists for you.

Simple trick to “increase App download” on Google Play Store. google play increase downloads

  1. Put Realistic Screen Shots

  2. Use Cover Image for Google Play Store

  3. Do Cost Per Install (CPI) Campaigns

  4. Make an App Video

  5. Put good and long description of your App. Put good “keywords” into it.

  6. Publish your App to different App store.

  7. Ask people and experts to give reviews.

  8. Social Media Promotion.

  9. Good PR.

  10. Great User Friendly Design (App UI).

  11. Using Google Play S.E.O Techniques.

I mean this list could be endless, and most of us already know this. But what most of us doesn’t know is something which I would teach you through this blog.

Simple trick to “increase App download” on Google Play Store. google play increase downloads

  • We generally promote our Google Play Store App by providing the link of the Home page of the App.

Like for Need Tricks App, the home / landing page URL would be:

  • Now, once you would open this App (or any App) on Google Play Store, you would see more than 20 “Exit points”. From where User who have visited the page could click and exit without Installing your App.

See the below Picture for your reference:

need tricks exit points on App

All the circle marked in Red, are the exit point, where User might click and would exit from the page, without clicking on the install button. So, your entire effort to bring the user to this page would be gone.

But Don’t worry HERE IS THE SPECIAL TRICK, to “Increase App Download”. google play increase downloads

  • Generally any App URL is like this:

  • You just need to add  &rdid  at the end of the URL and put everything of URL starting from =com, so after doing it the new URL would be something like this:

  • I have intentionally bold the additional lines just for your quick understanding.
  • Now when you would open the new link, it would be something like the picture mentioned below:

need tricks one exit point

  • Now, it would have just one “Exit Point” highlighted by red circle. So, the chances are higher that users would click on Install.

This simple trick can “increase App download”. google play increase downloads.

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Hope you like this Trick. You are most welcome to ask any questions related to this or any App downloads.

If this worked for you, do share this blog, comment as well.

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