Trick to install WhatsApp version 2.12.90 on Nokia Symbian

It been a very difficult task for the WhatsApp updating and releasing the new version of whatsapp for Nokia Symbian. Many features which are aviable on whatsapp for iOS and Android are still missing for Nokia Symbian. Whatsapp has been putting continuous efforts and releasing newer and improved versions of the app. However, this time the WhatsApp developers have released a new version  WhatsApp download 2.12.90 for Nokia Symbian devices.

Step to Install WhatsApp version 2.12.90 on Nokia Symbian

Step 1.

You will need to uninstall the existing version of the WhatsApp app, so unintall whatsapp from your Nokia device. If you want to backup of your chat conversation history see step 2.

Step 2.

On your Nokia Symbian device,

Options > Settings  >  Chat History > Backup chat history.

Step 3

Go to and download the WhatsApp 2.12.90 SIS file on your Nokia Symbian device.

Step 4

After download of the WhatsApp 2.12.90 SIS file is complete, you can install it on your device.

Step 5

Once the installation is complete, use your mobile phone number to get verified and restore the chat history.

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