Tricks to Fix Error 651 in Windows

Tricks to Fix Error 651 in Windows

Tricks to Fix Error 651 in Windows

Error 651 is a common error of windows operating system and usually occurs while working online. Here in this blog we would teach you how to overcome it.

In windows 7 operating system this error is shown as shows a message that Your modem (or other connecting devices) has reported an error and Usually the message will be Connection failed with error 651.


Here are some of the tricks to fix this error.


Method 1

Uninstalling the modem user can solve this problem. This solution is Most Common to get rid of Error 651.


Method 2

Replace raspppse.sys from windows 7 drivers directory. This method will only work for those users who are currently using windows 7 operating system and are facing this problem.


Method 3

Disable IPv6 for your internet connection This is one of the most easiest way for solving out this problem successfully. Right click on the Connections, Select Properties, Then Uncheck the box which says Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6).


Method 4

Disable Windows 7 auto tuning feature. This method is useful for only those users who are using router. To Disable Auto tuning follow the below steps.


Step 1

Start command prompt as administrator.


Step 2

Type in the below command and Press Enter


Step 3

Netsh interface tcp set global autotuning disabled


Method 5

Reinstall LAN card drivers. Sometimes it is possible that drives may get corrupted so try to install your drivers again.


Method 6

Performing Clean Boot. This can help the user in finding the root cause of this problem. If there is no problem in your windows services then this method will not be working for you.


Method 7

Recreate Dialer and Restart ADSL modem router
It is possible that your internet modem could get hanged during the connection. By removing the dialer and then creating the new dialer can help the user a lot. Restarting ADSL modem/router can also work during such type of cases.


If the error still continue, try to follow the method once again, hope this time it may be solved.

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