Tricks to Solve Google Play Store Error 498

Google Play Store Error 498 mainly occurs because of size of device cache partition. This error usually occurs while downloading a heavy app from the apps store. Given below are some of the methods which can help you to solve Google Play Store Error 498.

Follow these methods

1. Clearing Cache

Cache is the main reason for this error, so clearing cache may solve the error.
Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Select Google Play store > Clear Data & Clear Cache.

2. Uninstall & re-install Google Play store

This methods will work well if you are using a rooted device. If you are facing repeated error while downloading app from Google apps store the best option for you is to uninstall and re-install Google play store.

3. Adding New Play Store account.

Add a new Play store account may also fix the Error.
Go to Settings > Accounts > Add New Account > Click on Google > Next > Enter email > Done.

4. Connecting with Computer

In this method you will need to connect your mobile to a computer via data cable. Installing the apps by downloading by connecting to a computer can also solve the error.

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