WordPress: More then a CMS

WordPress: More then a CMS. WordPress- Basically who are familiar with web development, they have a thought that WordPress is just basically a CMS (Content Management System) like other CMS. But nowadays WordPress is cover and take over all major and important issues related to web development.

WordPress: More then a CMS

With the help of WordPress plugins like WooCommerce, we can create any kind of E-commerce website like Amazon, Flipkart, Alibaba etc.  WordPress plugins are so powerful that we can, we can create any chat system, manage the forum, manage the community, user authentication etc.

Nowadays, maximum WordPress themes are based on Bootstrap, because of this functionality, all the websites become responsive i.e. open according to the display device like desktop, mobile, laptop etc.

It’s very easy to manage multiple data and multiple users at the same time in WordPress.  The most important thing with the WordPress is that a person who has a basic idea of web development and web technology like PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, can make any kind of the website with a good practice on WordPress.

Before starting a new build, making the most of a CMS is dependent on having a watertight plan and technical strategy in place. A good strategy helps to inform the elements of the core WordPress software that you’ll use, the parts you won’t, the functionality that doesn’t quite meet your needs and any features you intend to add to the platform.

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