5 common android smartphone problems and their solutions

Smartphones can be a mess sometimes, and especially irritating when we are in between some urgent work

To save you from smartphone oriented stress, we figured out the 5 most common problems that Android users face

1) Google Play Store Does Not Download Apps

This is something very frequently experienced by Android users. People tend to panic and think there is nothing they can do and they will not be able to download anything again. Relax, we have 2 ways to fix this :

  1. Clear the Google Play cache – Go to Settings – Apps – Open Google Play Store – Clean Cache – Restart your phone. 
  2. Google Play Store history – Open Google Play Store – Settings – Choose Clean History. 

If you’re still facing the same issue, you can also check available free memory in your phone, maybe there’s not enough space available.


2) Connectivity Issues

Sometimes the connection through Bluetooth or WiFi can be a little bit difficult. This is one of the most common problems among Androids that can be solved with this easy fix:

Enable the airplane mode for at least 1 minute. Then, try to connect again. Occasionally, you can turn OFF and ON the connection that is failing and then try to connect it again.  


3) Delayed Notifications

Not being able to receive notifications on time can be a spoiler, especially when you’re on the go. You just can’t afford to miss out on an important mail from your boss.

If you’re facing the same issue, you need to watch out for the power saver option in your smartphone

Power saver is a very useful attribute of smartphones these days, but sometimes it can put you in trouble. Power saver often cuts the data connectivity when the phone is in sleep mode thus cutting the apps from their mode of communication.


4) Synchronization Failure

Syncing sucks! Well, most of the time it doesn’t require much time and effort, but don’t underestimate it. Sometimes you are trying to sync your account to a specific app but it seems just impossible to do it. Sometimes the app does not show you what the problem is, so you are not sure what you should do. Here’s the solution :

  1. Make sure that you are connected to the internet.
  2. Check if the service that you are trying to sync (just like Google or Dropbox) is working as well
  3. Verify your password, check if it is correct and try again. 

If the problem still persists, remove your account from your device and add it again


5) Strange Applications

Last on the list is dedicated to the apps that irritate us all. Some apps that just get aborted multiple times or the apps that just keep on displaying ads

The solution to this problem is to boot the phone in safe mode. Once it’s done you’ll notice that all the third-party apps are disabled. Now just chill and go ahead, uninstall them.