Security cameras have been getting smarter in the past few years. 

Recently, Mi Router 4A Gigabit Edition and Mi 360 Home Security Camera 2K Pro were launched in India. The outer design of the model is built strong and sturdy and is built to last. The camera moves vertically and horizontally through a pear-shaped opening. The Mi router 4A Gigabit edition delivers HD connectivity and up to 1170 Mbps speeds to users via a four high-gain antenna design. The Mi Camera 2K Pro is designed to offer 2K video for a clearer surveillance experience. 

The camera gives the best quality live streaming on the installed devices. It features a 2K sensor with a six-piece lens that has an f/1.4 aperture. The camera is capable of recording videos at 1296p — an upgrade over the 1080p recording available on the Mi Home Security Camera 360. The camera automatically records a 10-second clip when it detects a motion within the frame. 

Whilst the feature is quite promising, the storage capacity would not permit the storage of as many clips as the motion detects. 

The Mi 360 Home Security Camera 2K Pro has a physical privacy shutter, to protect the privacy of users. The camera also has dual microphones for two side voice calls along with an active noise reduction feature. 

Some other features in the camera include dual-band Wi-Fi support and Bluetooth v4.2.