Almost all of us own a smartphone. And for us, our phones are the best at the price. But the fact is that no matter how expensive or cheap your phone is, you cannot carry out useful tasks and hence get the best out of your android devices, without installing the right apps.

Here we are, familiarizing you with 7 very useful apps, which will help you get the best out of your smartphones. Some of these apps might be known to you while some might not. Have a look.

1 Applock

Privacy and security is the most important concern for our android phones as we have our data in huge amount stored in them. Be it pictures, videos, audios, documents, etc. the last thing we would want is someone unwanted getting access to them. *Enter Applock* Applock is an app that lets you lock down any app installed on your phone. It also allows you to store your photos and videos in a vault within this app itself.

Once you have selected the apps that you want to be locked, will unlock only by a pin/password/pattern/fingerprint that you would’ve set within Applock. And this lock can even be different from your phone lock. So, even if you’ve given access to your phone’s lock to someone, he/she will not be able open any app that you’ve locked and hence, they’ll not be able to access their data.

The best part about Applock is that it has no limitations on how many apps we can lock from one profile. And we can even create different profiles to categorize the set of apps to be locked in different situations.

2 Google Drive

No matter how big of a storage our phones have, we still find it insufficient after few weeks/months (depending upon your usage pattern). And a lot of phones have a hybrid SIM-slot, which means if we want to keep 2 SIM cards (which is common for most of us Jio-users) on the phone, we cannot put a memory card. And no memory card means limited storage space.

Google Drive is an app that allows you to upload any kind of digital data to what is known as cloud. Cloud storage is a memory space in the universe of internet where you can store data. And this data can be accessed from any device and from anywhere, without filling up the phone’s storage.

3 Google Keep Notes

Google’s Keep Notes is a great app to create notes and reminders of any and every kind. You can create notes that could be a list, general text, hand-written, images, or even audios. Keep Notes also lets you create reminders that come in very handy as humans tend to forget a lot of things as every human has many different things going on in the mind in a day.

The best part is that it is an app by Google. And that means, the data once created, gets synced with our Google account and hence, can be accessed from anywhere and on any device, whenever we feel the need.

4 Google Photos

Google Photos is yet another app that would not go hard on your phone’s storage. Once you select all your photo-video folders to be “synced and backed-up” on Google Photos, you are good to go. Now, you can access any photo/video that you have ever had on your phone-view them, download them, delete them-it’s your call. And all that from any device where you would sign in with your Google account.

The special things that you get on this app are that it creates animations or creative editing or small movies from your latest photos/videos (and their artificial intelligence is pretty good at it); and it creates folders by categorizing your photos and videos according to the people in them, and according to location as well as time. The way it recognizes people from your photos and videos is extraordinary!

5 Message Portal

Message Portal is, by far, my favorite notifications managing app and I would highly recommend trying this out. This app stores every notification that you get on your phone. So, you would never miss any notification ever. Even if we swipe a notification off from the notification panel, it will be still stored in this app. So, you can go back and view that notification again. And for WhatsApp, if someone sends you a message and later “deletes it for everyone”, you’ll still be able to view that message through this app.

6 Shazam

Have you ever been in a situation, where you are in a café or a restaurant and some amazing music is playing, but you are not really able to recall or recognize the song? Shazam is an app that will help you get the details of that song/music. The simplest to use, this app only requires you to tap the home-screen of the app once and it will listen to the audio and give you the details about that music, like the name of the song, the name of the artist and the album. So, you can find the song wherever you want to listen/watch, once you know the names. And almost every time, it recognizes the music quite fast and is correct too.

7 Rar

Rar is probably the best app that helps you unzip compressed files. Many a times, we download multiple similar files from different websites and other sources, and they usually download in a batch and are compressed under a .zip file. And to access each file individually, once they’re downloaded, we need to unzip them. And this app is fairly easy to use, is fast at unzipping/uncompressing, and has never crashed in my knowledge.

So, these were few apps that I thought might prove pretty useful to everyone who tries them. And I’m pretty sure, once you try these apps, you would barely want to uninstall them.

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