Advantages Of Android Phones

The market of smartphones is getting more competitive day by day. There are a lot of good phones available in the market with different operating systems like- android, IOS, windows etc. In the following article we are going to discuss about the advantages of Android phones and why you opt go for an android phone.we will be comparing both the phones on

differant aspects in the following article.


Android phone comes with some really good processors and sufficient amount of RAM. The performance of phones mainly depends upon the processor and the RAM of the phone contains. If you are someone who does a lot of stuff on phones at the same time then android phones are the best choice that one should opt for .


ROM modification

Android phones are really user friendly but sometimes people also get bored with android devices. Nothing to worry, there are a lot of custom ROMS available for your device, you just have to look for it. You can install any custom ROM compatible for your phone and get rid of the boring user interface.

Access to applications

With android you get access to millions of apps available on google play store. There are a lot of applications available on google play store that you can download and install according to your need. You can’t get so many applications free on any phone except the android ones. You get access to so many applications on android phones that you don’t get with any other phone.


There are hundreds of options available in the market if you want to buy an android phone. The android phone market has been growing rapidly for a few years. There are plenty of multinational companies competing with each other and offering the consumers best of products. You can choose your phones according to your needs and usage. It varies from person to person.

Notification friendly

If you are a loyal google user and want to stay updated with the outer world and you don’t want to miss any of your SMS or notification then there is no better choice than android phones. Every time there is a notification on your phone your notification LED start blinking. you look at your phone and see the LED blinking. You get an excuse to look for the notification. This is how you stay updated.

In the following article we talked about the advantages of android phones. Hope those who were looking for reasons to buy an android phone would hav got their reasons to get one. Hope you like the advantages of android phones which are mentioned above. feel free to like comment and share.

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