Disadvantages Of Android Devices

No one is perfect in the world. If God cannot make a perfect creature, how can humans? Everything in the world has its advantages and disadvantages. there are a lot of people who love android devices but there are also many who would never like to own an android device due to some of its most annoying drawbacks. In the following article, we are going to talk about the Disadvantages Of Android Devices.

In this article, we are going to talk about the disadvantages of android devices.

1. Battery problem

The android phones are not at all reliable when it comes to battery life. There are very few android phones available in the market which has decent battery life. Most android phones have a very poor battery life because of the heavy hardware that it contains. It can be very problematic for the users in their day-to-day life. This is one of the major Disadvantages Of Android Devices.

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2. Poor data connection

There are a lot of issues reported so far regarding the data connection in android phones. Android phones have a large number of processes that keeps on running in the background and it results in poor internet speed and excess usage of data. Sometimes it can be very annoying.

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3. Malware issues

Google play store has a lot of good apps and games but sometimes it can trouble you as well. The hackers and spammers keep on putting malware in the google play store. 6 out of 10 apps and games are either spam or a piece of crap. It can slow down the speed of your phone very easily.

4. Less memory for storage

Android phones do have memory card slots but the device storage is very less usually. You need to be very careful about the storage of your phone. Sometimes you face problems when you try to install bigger apps or games. It also slows down your phone. It is one of the biggest drawbacks of android devices.

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5. App Remains Active in the Background

There are many apps that continuously run in the background of the android devices. Which somehow affects the performance of the phone and battery.

6. Virus Protection is Less

Android devices are prone to viruses as most of the apps commonly used are from open sources. Until you are using the protection app for the device the mobile phone Android is not safe.

7. Lots of Advertisements

Android apps are full of advertisements. Which makes the user journey not go along well. Most Android Applications are having a good number of Ads inbuilt into them.

8. Google Active Account is required

Without having a Google/ Gmail account you can not use your android device to its full potential. They are forcing users to create a profile on the platform. If you don’t have a Gmail email ID, you need to create one for using the android mobile phone.

9. Bad and Misleading Contents on Apps

Since it is much easier to create and upload an Android App. Google play store is full of Apps which are either having bad content or misleading users in many ways. These Apps are not very much safe to use.

10. Constant Software Update

There is a constant software update on Android Apps. And their software version also keeps on increasing. So if you are using an older Android device, you would not be in a position to use lots of Android Apps.

Following are the Some of The Top Advantages of Android Devices:

  1. Easy to install Apps from outside play store.
  2. Lots of Software and hardware customization.
  3. Memory can always be expandable
  4. Lots of widgets to use
  5. A wide range of mobile phones is available

And following are the Top Disadvantages of Android Devices:

  1. Hardware quality is not up to the mark
  2. You always need a Google Account.
  3. Updates are frequent and space consuming
  4. Lots of Ads inside the Applications.
  5. Some inbuilt apps are mandated to use

As we discussed earlier everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Android phones have many advantages but a few disadvantages too. So, in the above article we talked about the disadvantages of android devices. We also try to discuss the advantage too. Hope our post would help you make a better decision. If you like our article do not forget to like, share and comment.

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